Lasers at The Venkat Center

Laser Equipment available at the Venkat Center

Laser means light of a specific wavelength and hence is absorbed only by a specific tissue. Hence there is very selective destruction of tissue and hence no scarring.

Different lasers are used for different purposes.

Lumenis Acupulse CO2 Laser

AcuPulseAcuPulse is a complete powerful , versatile and simple ablative laser resurfacing workstation, featuring state of the art technology for all aesthetic resurfacing needs.

It has a super pulse technology with short pulse durations and fewer side effects with multiple treatment modes for maximum versatility.

Fotona laser –ErbYAG laser

Fotona LaserFotona ErYAG laser is a new generation of aesthetic laser systems with variable square pulse technology which offers many treatment alternatives from pure ablation and cutting to minimally ablative dermal remodelling with deep thermal effects. It has ablative (R08,R11 )and fractional hand pieces (PS03, FS01) with wide range of spot sizes and depths ranging from 40 microns to 10,000 microns.

Fotona laser display

Spectra Q-Switched laser

spectra q-switched laserLUTRONIC’s Dual-pulsed, top hat beam profile Q-switched Nd:YAG SPECTRA laser is a versatile device that delivers a consistent peak power and an ultra-short pulse which helps in treating a wide range of epidermal & dermal pigmented lesions, for removing all types of tattoos, and for conducting a wide variety of non-ablative skin rejuvenation procedures. It can operate on 2 distinct wavelengths – 1064nm & 532 nm in 2 different modes –the Q switched mode and the spectra mode.

The quasi long pulse of 300 microseconds creates photo thermal energy that stimulates collagen regeneration and fibroblast activity, resulting in younger and healthier looking skin with improved skin tone and better colour.

spectra q-switched laser screen

Fotona NdYag laser

fotona nd yagFotona’s gold-standard Nd:YAG laser variable square pulse technology provides the power and performance needed to handle a wide range of aesthetic applications, from skin rejuvenation and hair reduction to acne, vascular treatments etc.

Pulse durations can be varied from 0.6ms to 50ms . This machine is known for its wide clinical acceptance , long term results , non invasive nature , minimal treatment discomfort and side effects.

Stellar active Quadripolar body shape radio frequency machine

stellar active quadropolar body shapeThe body shape device uses radiofrequency waves to induce biological processes that are needed in various skin treatments such as Skin tightening, tissue lifting & body contouring.

It also has a RF-311 fractionated hand piece which delivers RF energy to the skin trough bipolar 6×6 array of needles . Two types of needles are used, insulated and non insulated needles. Only the tissue in direct contact with the needles are exposed to the ablative effect. The untreated normal skin in between helps in speedy recovery with an additional skin resurfacing effect.

Daavlin’s Lumera targeted phototherapy

daavlin's lumera targeted phototherapyThe Lumera System delivers exceptional comfort, ease of use, and performance. The Lumera Beam localizes the treatment to areas where hair is not a barrier. Pinpoints phototherapy to small lesions for targeted exposure. A variety of output patterns allows you to shape light precisely to affected areas. Precision output profiles spare border areas from double exposure and treat lesional skin tissue without affecting non-involved skin areas.


ZimmerCooling device used during laser to prevent side effects

Alma harmony laser IPL & Pixel ErYAG

alma harmony laser

Modular design of Alma harmony laser delivers the flexibility to treat the widest variety of indications with multiple, distinct aesthetic solutions built into a single compact unit

It has various hand pieces designed for specific treatments . Gives good results for laser hair removal (IPL-650nm) , Pixel (2950 nm) and skin tightening.

Pixel 2950 is a fractional laser which has both stationary and in-motion modes.

Nanno elite 300 – Intense pulse laser

Nanno elite 300 – Intense pulse laser

It is an intense pulse light system offering advance technology enhancement and multiple indication hand piece.

The new pulse light system provides true clinical fluence up to 70J/cm2 and variable pulse durations 1-40ms and hence having multiple clinical advantages.